"Leipzig: Diversity rules!"
is our motto since 2021.

As part of this project, we want to promote political participation of people with migration history in Leipzig and thus enable active participation in social &cultural life. To this end, there will be individual project rounds with various workshops on the topic of democracy and political participation, joint visits to parliament and discussions about current topics in politics. We were able to open up and jointly develop such a space for questions, discussions and the transfer of knowledge about political participation in the first project round in the spring of this year. In October, a second project round will start, which is explicitly intended for FLINTA* persons. In this context we will travel together to the Bundestag in Berlin – registrations are still possible. We are looking for you !
This project is funded by the Department of Migration and Integration of the City of Leipzig.

Background and procedure of the project

Our goal is to make the voice of migrants heard in politics and to empower them to actively participate in shaping politics.
We will develop the theoretical foundation for this in two open and participatory workshops. Among other things, the federal system of Germany and the basics of democracy will be discussed. The project participants can gain experience in democratic decision-making with the QUARARO simulation game, which focuses on various voting procedures, methods for reaching a compromise, and how politics works.
Finally, joint excursions will enable participants to experience politics in real life. In discussions with the Migrant Advisory Council and the City Council, we look at municipal structures in practice. Afterwards, we go one political level further together, for example:  the participants of the first project round got adirect insight into Saxon state politics in the state parliament in Dresden and were able to experience a parliamentary session. In the second round of the project, there will be a 2-day excursion to the Bundestag in Berlin. The focus will be on a discussion with members of the Bundestag, in which the project participants can formulate their ideas, questions and political positions.
Another part of the project is an open democracy meeting. Once a month, interested people meet up to talk about politics in a relaxed atmosphere. Together we are exploring our own effectiveness in the political field and exchange experiences and opportunities for political participation.


We will bring up all the impressions, questions and demands we have collected so far at a panel discussion as part of the intercultural weeks, on the 21.09.2022 at 6 pm in the public library in Leipzig, and discuss them with various panelists from local politics in Leipzig, participants of the project and all interested guests.
We are looking forward to an exciting and enriching discussion in September, the ongoing exchange in the monthly Democracy-Meeting and finally to the start of the second round of the project (FLINTA* round) on the 08th of October!

Mail: vonbiela[at]soziale-dienste-jugendhilfe.de
Handy/WhatsApp: 0157/52671248

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