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With our projects, we not only make an important contribution to educational work in general, but also implement a wide variety of (further) education offers. Our approach is to provide a wide range of offers that bring people together and enable them to help each other in order to generate added value for  society. On the one hand, the focus is on our professional training courses, which we provide within the framework of our AZAV certification, and on the other hand, smaller training projects. These include, above all, seminars and workshops as well as excursions around the topics of anti-Semitism in particular and racism in general. A few selected examples of these can also be found on this homepage unde: Educational offers-further education.

However, we do not only carry out direct educational work through our seminars and workshops, but also indirectly. An example of this is our project Wir sind Paten. With this project, we support the sponsorship programme of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth “Menschen stärken Menschen”. We have already arranged and supervised more than 9,000 mentoring tandems throughout Germany and organise seminars and information events to bring people who need help together with those who want to help. We actively encourage the people who come to us to help others, because we have noticed that everyone is particularly good at something that he or she can pass on to others and thus create added value for the environment in which they live.  Within the framework of Wir sind Paten, we also enable our mentors and mentees to participate in our seminars and workshops on the above-mentioned topics.

But we also do educational work that goes beyond this. Another example is our model project For me, us and everyone. In this project, we supported Muslim women in implementing their own ideas and projects.  We not only provided them with the necessary know-how, but also supported them completely from the project idea to the sustainable realisation of their projects. We were able to pass on the resulting projects to other socio-cultural institutions in the district, so that the projects were and are still being continued even after the end of our model project period, thus contributing to an increase in solidarity in general and increasing the attractiveness of the social neighbourhood in particular.

All these projects have one thing in common: We explicitly do not act for profit, but want to create added value for as many people as possible. Our educational offers are a crucial aspect of this.

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