Educational offers

General Information

With our projects, we do not only make an important contribution to educational work in general, but also implement a wide range of (further education) programs. The focus here is, on the one hand, on our professional training courses, which we carry out as part of our AZAV certification, and, on the other hand, on smaller further training projects. These include, above all, advanced training courses on anti-Semitism in particular and racism in general, which we conducted primarily in eastern Germany. A few selected examples can also be found on this homepage, under:


Nonetheless, we do not only do this direct educational work. We also do indirect work. In concrete terms, this means that we enable people to help others and to educate them further. Our project „Wir sind Paten“ can be cited as an example. With this project, we support the sponsorship programme of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs „Menschen stärken Menschen“. We have already arranged, and we are supervising more than 4,500 sponsorship tandems nationwide. We organise seminars and information events, in order to bring people who need help into contact with those who want to help, and so to improve the overall social cohesion. Therefore, we also facilitate further training programmes. In the project “Wir sind Paten” these are the so-called educational sponsorships.

Yet, beyond that, we also do educational work, as in our model project “For me, us and everyone”, in which we supported Muslim women who wanted to implement their own project. We not only provided them with the necessary know-how, but also fully supported them from the project idea to the long-term securing of the project, for example by referring them to other socio-cultural institutions in the district. This meant that the projects could be continued even after the end of our model project period, thus contributing to increasing social cohesion in general and in particular enhancing the attractiveness of the social local area.

All these projects have one thing in common: We are explicitly not profit-oriented, but rather want to create added value for as many people as possible. Our educational offers are a decisive aspect of our work.