From the application to the


This is the name of an information event that we have held and continue to hold at several of our locations. One thing became clear time after time: The level of lack of knowledge about the application process in Germany is generally very high.

On the one hand, this concerns the basic search for job offers (“Where can I find which?”) and, on the other hand, applications in particular. Here, the questions range from “What is a cover letter?” and “What must I include in my CV?” to “What can I expect in the interview”. In order to answer these and other questions- at best all of them- our speaker always gives you an overview of the application procedure and lists the advantages and disadvantages with regard to individual questions, for example: “Do I need an application photograph in my application? What are the pros and cons?” Then, the participants have the opportunity to ask their own questions and, they can, of course, bring their own examples.

Even if the actual event usually ends there, the discussion continues afterwards. Here, too, we try to answer all questions in the best possible way and also refer the participants to the appropriate places, where they can obtain further help. In most cases, however, this is a brief process, as there are (usually) weekly events at almost every one of our locations where we help people with their application letters.