Competence – Seminars

Here we (mainly) train our mentors in the field of intercultural competence. We constantly talk about the exact definition of these as well as about the various peculiarities of the different cultures, with an emphasis on backgrounds, so that the various idiosyncrasies can be better understood. A special focus always lies on the interactive aspect, which means that the participants should ask all the questions they might have and exchange ideas. The goal here is clear: We want to use the different perspectives the people have, and with the further training, we hope to create a mutual understanding and help the people find their way in everyday life amongst different cultures.

Contents of the seminar are among other things:

  • General differences between the cultures
  • Go’s and No Go’s of the different cultures
  • Comparison of German and Arabic culture
  • Religious aspects of intercultural competence
  • Gender interaction
  • Language style and communication behavior