Project diversly beautiful – Kick-off Event and first Workshop

Finally, the first meetings of vielfältig schön have taken place! The project is aimed at muslim women in Leipzig, giving them the opportunity to organise a public exhibition. This will feature portrait photographs and interviews that the participants take of other Leipziger women. In this way, the diversity of these women’s life plans will be depicted and told. The implementation is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation, which funds vielfältig schön within the programme „Werkstatt Vielfalt“.

By the beginning of July, a diverse group of Muslim women had come together to learn about photography and interviewing and finally to organise the exhibition. It started with a get-together in DP4 – Zentrale für Engagement, where the participants and the project team exchanged ideas, wishes and expectations, and worked out the process and goals.

The first diversity workshop took place the following weekend. First, the participants‘ wishes, and existing experiences were reflected upon. Afterwards, the participants discussed the topic of diversity intensively with the guidance of a tutor. In a first theoretical part, the different definitions of diversity, its dimensions and its advantages were addressed. The participants found different answers to the question „Why is diversity good?“ and named many examples of how diversity enriches our society and our everyday life.

Through the participative approach that had been adopted, it was possible to work out the diversity in the group of participants together and, for example, to talk about existing concepts of gender roles. Very individual answers were found to questions such as „Should every woman marry a man?“ or „Are women less familiar with technology than men? In this way, their own experiences, joys and fears were worked out in relation to the topic. At the same time, it became clear how different the women’s life plans are even among the group of participants alone.

After the successful start of the project, the excitement for the following events and activities is growing. To ensure that the women can create portraits relevant to an exhibition, further workshops will take place in the coming weeks.

Yet everyone is already excited about the coming tasks and the shared path to the exhibition.

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