A world trip in Johannstadt: The Contact Kitchen

On the third Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m. different people from Dresden-Johannstadt will come to Contact Kitchen and will travel around the world together. One person – or one team – will give the other participants an understanding of their culture and/or eating habits. This will be accompanied by Information about a country and its people or Input about different nutrition forms. Our mantra is – everything’s possible! The evenings will be guided by the participants wishes and shall not be limited in their creativity. Thus, the evenings come to life through the diversity of the people taking part.

Therefore, the most exciting travels are possible. Maybe we will take a trip to Pakistan or Spain and thus, experience a trip around the world on our doorstep. We will not only eat together but also chat, laugh and exchange some experiences and stories. Cooking, eating and spending time together will bring our community together and strengthen our solidarity within Dresden-Johannstadt.

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