Being loud for diversity –
a choir project in Erfurt

When music is coming up as a topic in our Lesecafe in Erfurt we can always find a connection.
A connection in several styles of music, cultures and dances – we learn together and get to know each other. And of course there’s a lot of fun on top of that – suddenly everyone starts to feel like dancing or singing along or just being fascinated by listening to unknown sounds.

In April 22 we caught this feeling to organize an interculture choir project. In the „pilot phase“ it was firstly all about who is leading the project with whom and how many people. Important: EVERYONE should get the chance to participate. You’ve never been part of a choir? Are you an euphoric under the shower singer? You don’t have any knowledge with reading notes? No worries. Most important is the fun of making music and coming together.

Laura, a student of Uni Erfurt got into the choral conducting, in which she worked with 10 people that applied for a place in the choir. The focus: 80s and 90s songs. It came out that it is easy to found an intergenerational choir, the intercultural part is something we want to increase in the future. The maximum number of 10 participants was reached very quickly – what made us super happy. In the future we want to open up the number of people or keep it flexible. Also we’ll work closer with people from the northern part of town.

But: how was the singing? „You could easily notice how the group kept on growing – as people but also regarding their music skills“ says the Laura. „It was so much fun and by the way I found new friends. I hope the choir keeps on going!“ says a choir singer. – the „Erfurter Hauschor“ definitly keeps on going, next time hopefully longer than 4 months. The following step is a little christmas project with a busking session during the christmas market in the end.

The conclusion of the project took place at the Sprachcafé Erfurt that hosted a karaoke night. That was not only a lot of fun but also gave us the opportunity to win new interested participants for the choir.

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