DP4 - Centre for Engagement

In our rooms in the west of Leipzig, we offer space for engagement. Engagement by individuals, groups or other organisations. So we don’t use Deutscher Platz 4 on our own, we open up the space and turn it into a centre for engagement.

What kind of rooms do you have at DP4?

There is one large room that can be divided into two parts of almost equal size as required. The rooms are equipped with a whiteboard or flipchart and corresponding pens. It is possible to print and use a music box. There is a small team kitchen in the corridor where participants can make coffee or tea. In addition, another room is used as a playroom throughout the event to provide childcare during the events. This room is equipped with children’s books, a chalkboard and various toys.

What has been happening here so far?

Almost every day, the MitSprache initiative organises a German learning offer here at DP4 that is open to everyone. No matter what language level or residence permit – everyone is welcome!

Every Thursday, the project We help – A bureaucracy advice session takes place. This is a contact point for people who have difficulties answering or understanding the post. Whether it’s from the job centre, social welfare office, family insurance fund, electricity provider or landlord, we help them to write a CV together or look for a flat.

Computer courses for women have also been organised this year. Volunteers from Wir sind Paten also realised their own ideas, such as the drawing meeting, which took place once a month at DP4 over the course of a year. The migrant self-organisation Mala de Heranca e.V. also uses the rooms for events at the weekend.

Other organisations have already used the rooms for plenums, annual meetings and workshops. There are many opportunities in this space to exchange ideas, help each other, learn from each other or simply have fun together.

With the help of regular user plenums, we give the initiatives and groups the opportunity to get to know each other and express their wishes and needs to us and the premises. Together, we are constantly developing the spaces so that we can utilise them even better and make them a central point for engagement in Leipzig.

If you would like to become active yourself and realise a project, but do not yet have a room, or if you have any questions about DP4, please send us an email to:


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