Social counselling and support for recognised refugees

In order to improve the integration of people with a migration background in Erfurt and to make their arrival easier, we have set up a social counselling centre to accompany recognised refugees. In this way, we can accompany people along the entire path of integration, because social support and the best possible accompaniment are an essential building block.

People with special support needs receive comprehensive counselling and support in social and societal matters through our counselling centre at Berliner Platz 10.

When dealing with complex integration issues, we draw on our many years of experience in social work, especially in the field of integration work. This enables us to offer culturally sensitive and promising solutions. In doing so, we do not only provide selective support, but pursue a holistic approach that, among other things, also includes aspects of personality development in the context of coping with everyday situations.

We also provide counselling to other organisations, schools and authorities.

Our social counselling includes the following activities in particular:

  • providing basic information on life in Germany, especially on indispensable cultural standards of living together in Germany,
  • guidance on how to take responsibility for one’s own life as well as active assistance in coping with various problems in everyday life
  • Assistance in accessing authorities, specialised services and other offers and services conducive to integration.
  • Counselling to solve social conflicts, as well as help and counselling in violent situations
  • Promoting the prosperous coexistence of immigrants and the host society
  • Information on and assistance in applying for assistance to secure one’s livelihood, e.g. benefits according to SGB II, SGB XII – Assistance in accessing health care.
  • Help with access to day-care centres and the relevant educational institutions and leisure facilities for pupils and adults.
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