Wir schaffen Schule: Kreativ durch die Buchstaben!

By the time around 3:30 pm, when the kids arrive at our premises in Erfurt, it gets pretty lively – maybe even more so than on other days it seems. Because since October 2021, thanks to the Erfurter Spendenparlament, we were able  to create a very special kind of course. Wir schaffen Schule: Kreativ durch die Buchstaben! Wich can be translated as „We master school – Creative through  the alphabet!“. Withing this course we impart kids through the classes of 1-3 a creative approach to the german language.

With the creativity in mind, the kids are allowed to enjoy painting, crafting and playing. With this task we strengthen the roots of skills as reading, understanding and writing. That way the kids learn in a very playfull way an important foundation for their school career – to connect learning with having fun. This mindset will give them learning success in the long run. Important withing this course is the freedom of choice the kids have, especially when it comes to their creative ideas wich they express figurative and artistic aswell.

While the course is  guided by student course assistants ,we on the other hand guide them aswell. Collectively we are able to create a colorful variety of ideas, wich is also a lot of fun fort he course instructors aswell. Anneke said for example: „Its amazing to observe how the kids grow. Art gives us so many options and possibilities. Kids grow up to be more open minded, they develope their mind and learn how to be creative and tell stories. And most important – they have a lot of fun.“

One mother told us after the course: „My daughter loved it, what an amazing course!“

Feedback of this kind makes one thing very clear: Even if the project is funded until October, we will defenitly continue beyond that.

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