An Update

Now that the end of the year draws closer, our team, together with representatives of a mosque in Chemnitz, is happy about the successful completion of a project. Financially supported by the Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt, a kids’ room was created, lovingly furnished and equipped in this mosque. 

After a handicraft afternoon during which the mosque’s children could express their ideas for the future kid’s room, a lot of work was lying ahead. At first, the required material needed to be bought. After that, the room needed to be renovated completely. Some of the mosque’s volunteers painted the walls with colours chosen by the kids and laid a themed carpeted floor the kids had whished for. Furthermore, some of the children set up, together with their grown-up supporters, the furniture for the room. Educational children’s books and different toys were chosen as equipment; among them were a toy kitchen, some board games and a small ukulele.

In that way, the community kids have a save space to play, socialise and train their social skills playfully in the middle of difficult times full of restrictions and social distancing as soon as the currently (December 2021) valid contact restrictions have ended.


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