Experiment course „coding.kids 2.0“ in Rostock successfully completed!

The coding.kids 2.0 project was aimed at children and young people from Rostock and was dedicated to scientific research. Using the Arduino physics kit, the participants experimented with forces, motion, magnetism, and conductivity. The examples came from practical experience and revolved around topics such as the functioning of an air conditioning system or the construction of a fire alarm. Like real scientists, the youngsters formulated their own hypotheses, tested their assumptions, and recorded the results. The weekly course, which started in February this year and was divided into two project rounds, was successfully completed at the end of September.

coding.kids 2.0 was the development of a programming course that we implemented last year with the support of the Deutsche-Telekom-Stiftung. This year’s new edition was also kindly sponsored by the foundation as part of the Ich kann was!-initiative
We would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for their trust in us as an organization and look forward to future collaborations.

Another highlight was our visit to the GestaltWas!-camp organized by the Deutsche Telekom Foundation in Bonn in March, which focused on creative approaches to STEM topics and digital technologies. We would like to thank the participants for the many interesting workshops, the lively exchange, and the inspiration we took with us.

The interest, the enthusiasm and the consistently high participation rate are proof of the success of the coding.kids project series, but also of the existing educational and support needs of socio-economically disadvantaged children and young people in this area. We are working on making our expertise and our offering more permanent. There will be another round of projects next year, so stay tuned!


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