We say thank you for five years of Wir sind Paten!

Five years full of successful events, productive language training, volunteer work, new friendships and learning from each other. We have laughed a lot, learned a lot, made many new friends, drunk a lot of coffee and all together created the places where we wanted to learn with and from each other.

Wir sind Paten is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in the programme „Menschen stärken Menschen“. And that is exactly what we did. We brought people together who would probably never have met otherwise and arranged sponsorships be-tween them (and still do, of course). In addition, a weekly programme was created that made mutual learning possible and still does.

All the volunteers do extremely important work. For example, there are volunteers who help with visits to the authorities every two weeks or take on intensive mentorship for a family, give private lessons once a month or teach a fixed group of children every week. So it doesn’t matter how often you help out, it’s great that you are there and committed! Every little contribution is a contribution to the colourful society in which we all live together and want to support each other.

We thank all our volunteers for their great commitment! And we look forward to hopefully five more years.

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