German Tutoring (Deutsch Nachhilfe)

German Tutoring or Deutsch Nachhilfe is one of our most popular events, as it does not only appeal to the young, but to all ages.

What is German Tutoring?

German Tutoring is a weekly event that aims at helping non-native speakers of German improve their language skills. It is targeted at people of all ages and of all backgrounds: pupils, students, refugees, older people etc. People may bring their own material, such as books or homework to work on. If they don’t have any, then our volunteers will provide them with different exercises according to their level. The best part: It is free and led by people who love helping others!

What is the structure of the lesson?

The lesson may take various forms, depending on the amount of participants and their individual needs. Ideally, each volunteer is in charge of one or two participants. Our volunteers are very well equipped and creative, allowing them to quickly adjust and accommodate all of the students.

Most of the participants are permanent members of Wir Sind Paten, which means that they come by every week and have, thus, developed a personal bond with their teachers. In turn, this allows the lesson to flow effortlessly and enables the volunteers to identify and work on the weak and strong points of each student, but also to document their progress. Overall, the volunteers are open to the suggestions of the students and try to help them as best as they can. For example, a student may require more speaking practice, whereas another may wish to improve his/her grammar or writing skills. Sometimes, there are even “fun breaks” in between exercises, whereby students have the chance to converse or play chess with their teachers. This “learning by doing” is not just a pleasant pause from grammar exercises, but rather, it is a brilliant means of practicing their language competency in speaking and vocabulary. Certainly, people learn a lot faster when they have fun while doing it!

What if a participant doesn’t know any German?

Another great thing about German Tutoring is that anyone can partake irrespective of their level of German. Undoubtedly, being a beginner in German can be challenging for both the teacher and the student. Nevertheless, it poses no obstacle and it certainly shouldn’t hold people back from joining our weekly classes! There are always volunteers present who function as translators, mainly from Arabic to German. Additionally, almost all of us speak English, so that successful communication can always be established.

Even if someone is unsure to what level they belong, our volunteers have exercises for all levels and can, therefore, use them to evaluate and determine which is the right one for them.

Who are the people behind it?

Since all of our projects and events are non-profit, all of our teachers for the German Tutoring course are volunteers. The team consists of three German university students: Adina, Xenia and Paul. All three of them have been volunteering for more than a year at Wir Sind Paten and still have a lot to offer in the area of volunteering! When asked about their motivation behind their volunteering service, their replies were diverse, yet equally important. For instance, Adina considers watching her students’ progress and being exposed to different cultures intriguing and fulfilling, while Paul and Xenia’s motivating force lies in making a positive contribution to society.

What can participants gain from it?

Other than practising their German skills, German Tutoring is also a consultation point for people, where they can seek help in bureaucratic matters, for instance, if they require assistance with translating an official letter from the authorities.

Another reason why this course is worth a try: German Tutoring is FUN! All three volunteers agree that laughing together and enjoying each other’s company is what makes these weekly interactions more than just “lessons.” The fact that many of the participants have different origins, ages and stories to tell makes the experience even more fascinating and worthy for both volunteers and participants. Although, it may seem that the participants are the ones benefitting from it the most, Adina, Paul and Xenia claim that it is equally fulfilling for them, since watching their “pupils” grow and progress is satisfaction enough for them!

Interaction with German natives and more exposure to the language are two additional reasons why someone should give our course a chance! Through German Tutoring, participants can expand their social network and find friends, so that they may not only practise after and outside the lesson, but also feel more at home in their host country.

When, where and how?

The times will always vary and are always based on our volunteers. If any questions arise, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0341 58150114.

We look forward to a personal meeting!


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