How to advertise – A qualification event

How to advertise - A qualification event

Throughout the year, a number of events take place in the mosque associations supported by the Islamic Welfare Project, which are also open to the public. They can only be integrative if non-Muslim visitors actually participate. That is why our project team recently organised a training course for two Islamic communities in Dresden on the topic of “ How to successfully advertise events in Islamic communities“.

The Open Mosque Day and the public fast breaking at the end of Ramadan are classic events to which mosque communities also invite external visitors who are not Muslim themselves. On these occasions, people who would otherwise probably not meet get in touch with each other. These interreligious and intercultural encounters help to break down prejudices and enhance social cohesion.

To ensure that non-Muslim visitors can attend these events, they first need to know that they exist. Therefore, effective advertising is essential. With this in mind, the Islamic Welfare team conducted a training session for representatives of two Islamic communities in Dresden in August.

Within the workshop, the status quo of the existing promotion efforts of the involved communities was analysed. Following this, the participants of the event received both general tips on event promotion as well as very concrete tips on how to develop the content and design of the advertisement. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of different media and communication channels were discussed and an exemplary advertising schedule was reviewed. Afterwards, the participants practised the previously mentioned contents on the basis of a concrete example.

At the end of the evening, the representatives of the communities were able to take with them a full bag of tools for the successful promotion of their public events in order to raise the awareness of as many people as possible about their events in the future.

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