The „Islamic Welfare Work“ in Saxony enters a new round

The new year always brings some changes, as in our project. Our project staff now supports three additional mosque communities to develop and implement their offers in social work. All in all, six communities in Dresden, Chemnitz and Riesa are taking part in the project.

The focus lies on the qualification of dedicated employees and volunteers from the community in general welfare care and especially in the field of social work. It does not matter if pre-existing projects will be optimised or new ones will be created. We adapt to the local circumstances and thus to the needs of the local population. The aim is to structure the efforts within the communities and to create permanent contact persons by implementing a Social Advisory Council. Additionally, to profit from synergy effects, the mosque communities will be linked to each other and especially to local and state-level civil society organisations to build a strong network. Thus, some things will remain the same in the new year: Our project work is not only exciting, but also challenging.

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