Limitless ideas: offers for children, teenager, women and mothers

The year 2022 is already in full play, as are our project activities. Together with the mosques that are participating in our project, our team is working under high pressure on the offers that are to be conducted this year.

The communities’ ideas are manifold. One community aims at establishing an offer for all teenagers of the city in which the communal exchange of perspectives is pivotal.           
Another community wants to create an offer for children aged eight to twelve. It aims to enhance the children’s understanding of the current world events. At the same time, this offer increases the children’s media literacy and facilitates their participation in public discourses.              
Furthermore, a project for women is planned which wants to support them in upgrading their German language knowledge skills and offers them new access points to the public life in their city.      
Another community in another city also plans an offer for women, especially mothers, in which context they will work on integration-enhancing education methods together.

But that is not all yet, since different activities have already taken place in the communities. There have been needs assessments and the first workshops and there were coaching sessions about how to organise the community’s life within the meaning of sustainability. Also, some exchange meetings have already taken place and the first offer – a weekly digital meeting for women to improve their German skills – has already started over a month ago.

On this basis of the already conducted activities, the project team and the communities are more than looking forward to a summer full of projects and offers.


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