Soziale Dienste und Jugendhilfe

Bundesallianz der Migrantenorganisationen against antisemitism and misanthropy

Wir sind Paten

„Menschen stärken Menschen“

Islamic welfare work

social work and welfare work

For me, us and for everyone

materialise their own project ideas

Member of...

We are foundingmembers of the Bundesalianz, wich was founded in 2021. It is a nationwide group with versatile migrant organisations. Against the backdrop of the historic responsibility of Germany relating to antisemitism, the alliance wants to state a clear message in our own community and the society as a whole.

In the years to come, it strives to grow into an active, representative network and has the ambition to work and act as a mediator between politic actors  and migrant communities.

Tolerantes Sachsen

Since 2020, we are members withing the network Tolerantes Sachsen. The network is a platform of more than 120 saxonian initiatives, groups and organisations that advocate for the support of democratic culture and against inequality, antisemitism and racism.

Bündnis gegen Antisemitismus in Dresden und Ostsachsen

Since 2021 our project Wir sind Paten Dresden (We are Godparents Dresden) and so indirectly we aswell, are members in the alliance against antisemitism in Dresden and the east of Saxony. The alliance it a cluster of organisations oft he jewisch community and the civil society in east saxony. The primary focus in our work is our believe and the awareness that the engagement always has to start within it’s social root and cause.


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