Participation at the Peace Festival of the Children of Abraham

Recently, the Peace Festival of the Children of Abraham took place in Dresden at the New City Hall. The aim of the event is to emphasize the unifying aspects of the three Abrahamic religions through creative contributions and speeches. In this way, the festival contributes to interreligious awareness among all those who take part in it. The Islamic communities in Dresden, which are supported by our project, were also delighted to take part in the event.

In the preparation for the event, our project team worked with representatives of the communities to develop the speech to be delivered on stage by the Muslim side. In the preparatory discussions, it quickly became clear what the speech should focus on. For example, the speech emphasized that Islam actively calls on its followers to make a positive contribution to the society that they live in.

After the official part, there was an opportunity to exchange thoughts and network with the other attendees of the event. Thus, our project team takes a lot of inspiration from this event on how to advance the intercultural and interreligious opening of the Islamic communities, and some new ideas for activities in the communities have emerged.


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