Post-lockdown activities:

Counselling, qualification, networking and a bit of digitalisation

Since the Corona restrictions have been eased again, the team of the Islamic Welfare Project can again pursue its tasks almost without restriction – and even in person!

As a result, personal consultations and agreements with those responsible in the local communities could finally take place again, in which the current situation could be discussed and plans for the rest of the year and even beyond could be made.

Everyone involved also had a particularly good time at two qualification events, where the participating representatives of the municipalities could learn something about creating an association homepage and ask their questions about the topic. After all, nowadays this digital topic is more exciting and important than ever.

Another digital topic was also carried forward and completed by the project team: the German-language, online-available explanation videos that the team had created for the communities on the topics of project work and public relations were each completed with an Arabic version. In this way, the offer could be made even more target group-specific and inclusive. This gives interested members of the Islamic associations, who are not yet familiar with the German technical terms, a sustainable tool with which they can implement their ideas. Based on the explanatory videos, more in-depth training on selected respects will take place in the coming weeks.

Another significant topic that the project team has been working on intensively in the last few weeks is supporting the communities in networking. In consultation with the respective Islamic associations, the team established contact with initiatives and persons who can support the communities in their valuable (social) work. Particularly noteworthy in this regard is, for example, the networking of an Islamic association with an initiative that will support the integration of community members  – especially refugees –  into the labour market in the future.

In a nutshell, the easing of restrictions and the resumption of the direct work on site have enabled us to make good progress. So our perspective for the coming summer season and autumn is very optimistic.

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