Also at Wir sind Paten: Refugees in voluntary service

More and more of our mentors (Pat*innen) have a migration background of their own. In the current situation (in which it is not always easy to find new German volunteers), this is all the more beautiful. This way, we can really find a mentor for the many refugees who are still looking for one.

At first glance, the impression may arise that this is not the right thing to do, when a refugee assists a refugee, because they do not know the German culture as well as the Germans themselves. However, is that really the case? Probably yes.
Still, what they lack in knowledge of the culture and the way of life in Germany, they make up for with other specialized knowledge. For who better to teach someone German than someone who has learned German themselves and now speaks it-almost- perfectly. They also speak the same language, which is also an advantage. Even if other areas are considered, in which they are active, for example accompanying people during doctor visits or authority appointments, it becomes clear that refugees in volunteering are an asset.

Nevertheless, they are not merely an important gain in matters of language. The same applies to interpersonal matters. After all, they know what it is like to be new in a foreign country, to not yet know the language and – particularly important! – to be confronted with the German bureaucracy. It goes without saying that we want to continue to attract Germans as mentors, but every refugee in voluntary work is just as much of a gain.

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