2021: Review and outlook

In the first months of 2021, the project continued to be significantly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting contact restrictions. But that was no reason for us to pause. Even in these difficult times, we kept on advancing the project for and with the Islamic communities. In addition to individual support offers, such as one-on-one consultations and digital workshops, we have put a lot of energy into creating explanatory videos. These videos will be available in Arabic and German and deal with topics that are particularly relevant for Islamic associations, like public relations and project management. The 18 videos will soon be published on this page so that everyone can benefit from these resources.

Therefore, the lockdown also brought along positive aspects. Nevertheless, we are very happy that the personal contact with the members of the community can now be resumed. So it is not surprising that the project team shows great drive and has many ideas and great confidence when it comes to this summer’s activities. The loosening of the latest restrictions will facilitate many things und we are therefore looking forward to many exciting activities in the upcoming months. The Islamic communities’ agenda – and therefore also the agenda of our project team – is filled with topics like Muslim care of souls, acquisition of volunteers and youthwork. Together with the communities, we are going to contribute even more to the social cohesion, namely through qualification sessions and networking with local protagonists.

A new perspective comes along with a new face in the project team: Freya took over the project leadership from Tamara. Together with Norbert and Alaa, she will put her energy into supporting the communities to refine their welfare offer.

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