Sustainable work in Islamic communities

Sustainability gains more and more of our attention. Unsurprisingly, some of the Islamic communities which take part in the Islamic Welfare project have developed an interest in this topic and want to absorb it into their daily work.
One community in Chemnitz already undertook the first move and hosted a green fast-breaking. It took place in the last week of Ramadan and was characterised by its environmental friendliness. The organisers made sure to only buy regional und seasonal groceries for the preparation of the food wherever possible. No disposable tableware was used and beverages were served out of returnable bottles.

Prior to the green fast-breaking, the project team and the dean of the community developed in a coaching methods for the absorption of sustainability into the communities’ activity of fast-breaking.

Furthermore, at the suggestion of the project team, the community took the chance to use this event as an opportunity for exchange and networking. The dean of another Islamic community in Chemnitz and the Chemnitz Officer for Migration, Etelka Kobuß, were invited and happily followed the invitation. It led to a fruitful exchange about joint future activities.

There have also been conversations about green fast-breaking in another community where the dean and the project team talked the topic through. And since the next Ramadan is definitely coming, the communities will have plenty of opportunities to make their work more sustainable based on the recent thoughts.


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