The first Contact Kitchen

Under the motto „Food for Future – Enjoying the Global Together“ we – in this case Wir Sind Paten Dresden – organised our first Contact Kitchen together with BUND Dresden on 19 February. We did it together with the project RefLAct (Refugees Lead Actions) of the BUND Dresden. In January, eleven interested people with and without refugee background learned the basics of environmental education and climate-friendly nutrition, which they presented to the guests in the framework of our Contact Kitchen. So, today we not only cooked and ate delicious food together. All participants also learned many new things. And all this during a relaxed evening with many interesting conversations. By the way, from now on,  the Contact Kitchen will take place every third Wednesday of the month from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., with the motto changing every time. However, the events always had and always will have one thing in common: an insight into different cuisines and thus, into different cultures of the world. Another great thing: Among the guests in our first Contact Kitchen event were also people from „People in Dresden / Leute in Dresden“. True to their motto „People and their stories in Dresden – one every day“, they interviewed several guests. You can find the portraits they made on their Facebook page. Of course, we shared some of them on our Facebook page: Soziale Dienste und Jugendhilfe. So, have a look!

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