Getting started with the project:
The kick-off meeting

Recently, the participants and the project management met for the first time and officially started the project History in Motion: Remember, Experience, Commemorate. Migrants in the GDR. In one afternoon, the participants discussed the history of the GDR and the SED with the project management, as well as the specific topic of the project. As a project group, they took a closer look at the topics of contract workers in the GDR and foreign students in the GDR. Then they went straight into brainstorming. What should the traveling exhibition be about? What unique selling points will make the exhibition special? What is important to the participants and must not be missing? Multilingualism was clearly on the list of aspects that should not be missing. But also the possibility to make further information available to the visitors by digitizing the exhibition is high on the list. Other important points that are to be deepened at the next meeting are knowledge about the GDR and the SED, topic-specific source research and discussions with contemporary witnesses.

In addition to the thematic overview, they also looked at the time frame of the project. Two weekend seminars are planned in the near future, followed by two reflection meetings

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