Upcycling: From the old to the new

The concept of creating something new from old and used things is not new. Especially in times of our modern throwaway society, it is a great way to give already existing objects, which would otherwise have been disposed of, a new function and to become creative at the same time. Upcycling not only promotes creativity by using objects for a different purpose and in a different way than originally thought, it is also good for the environment.

The Upcycling project takes place once a month and has a duration of about two hours. Our workers as well as the participants bring along various materials that they thought were useless. We also use items from our office that would otherwise have gone into the trash. Anyone who is interested in  interacting with others, in handicrafts and creativity is welcome to participate, as always, regardless of his or her biographical background.

The materials that are used change every time. We are always working with what is there, with one type of object always at the focus. In September, it was tins or similarly shaped objects that were transformed into fancy pencil holders, using materials that had been brought in, among other things.


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