Social Services and Youth Welfare

Our mission statement

Wir sind Paten

„Menschen stärken Menschen“

Islamic welfare work

social work and welfare work

For me, us and for everyone

materialise their own project ideas

Our mission is to provide a broad range of services to help people and create added value for German society. This is our only goal and, therefore, our objectives do not include making a profit. This means that our offer of further training services only serves this purpose.

Our values are social justice, equal opportunities, tolerance, integration and the inclusion of people. We are open-minded and non-partisan. Any denomination, nationality, gender, age, social or cultural backgrounds are more than welcome with us, something that is also reflected in our internal employee structure. As a non-profit organisation, we are future-oriented, we live and breathe innovation. In this way, we pursue innovative approaches in our educational work and place people at the centre of our activities.

Throughout our work, we operate in a completely open and transparent manner and provide insights into internal structures and, for example, the courses we offer at all times. This means that we are always willing to provide information about the courses on offer or other projects, to relevant authorities and institutions or other interested parties. This ensures knowledge transfer and transparency at all times.

Consequently, cooperation with relevant financial supervisory authorities with regard to relevant control procedures poses no problem for us and is currently ensured within the framework of annual tax statements and factual reports. This already guarantees that all subsidies are properly used and managed. In addition, we provide transparent information on our website about our work in general and in particular about our training programmes.

Our daily work also entails cooperation with schools, second-chance educational institutions, tertiary institutions and institutions of career and further training, as well as with other actors in (civil) society. We are constantly striving to expand our network, in order to generate further valuable synergy effects.

Our working atmosphere is characterised by a stimulating learning and working atmosphere in which everyone has the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and suggestions for improvement at any given point. Communication between the various employees is always at eye level, which explicitly also applies to the management.

In order to ensure that the courses offered and the planning and implementation of further projects are tailored to the needs of our employees, all employees have the opportunity to create their own projects, because we are convinced that we can only do a good job if we give all our employees room for self-realisation.
The participants of the courses also have the right to become involved and always have a say in the way the courses are organised and in the range of courses, something which we ensure by permanently evaluating our work. Therefore, we constantly reflect on our work, which ensures that we continue to develop and optimise not only our processes within the organisation, but also our organisation as a whole.

Our goals:

  1. Promoting overall societal cohesion;
  2. Promoting socio-economically disadvantaged people;
  3. Integrating refugees into German society;
  4. Creating a wide-ranging training programme;
  5. Promoting intercultural and interreligious exchange;
  6. Further training and funding in education, upbringing and culture;
  7. Further training and supporting Muslim families in culture-specific and social matters;

We act according to the motto: “Skills that complement each other “.

Our team consists of both academics and non-academics with a high degree of professional and life experience, as well as new recruits with different biographical backgrounds. This enables us to put ourselves in a position to deal with numerous career and life situations and to support our participants in both word and deed.

In addition to employees who were born and raised in Germany, there are also people in our team who either came to Germany to study/work or recently fled from violence and terror and have now started a new life with us. The selection process for our staff was and is free of prejudice and does not discriminate based on gender. The team consists of members of different denominations, whereby the gender quota is almost balanced. The composition of our team is just as diverse as our work.