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Our mission statement

Wir sind Paten

„Menschen stärken Menschen“

Islamic welfare work

social work and welfare work

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Our mission statement

As a charitable organisation, we are committed to the values of social justice, equal opportunities, tolerance and the integration and inclusion of people. By integrating these goals into our work and constantly keeping them in mind, we create offers that include all people and thereby create an exchange to ultimately promote cohesion in society as a whole. This is our goal and mission, because we believe that we can only develop as a society together, with the involvement of all people. This is only possible if we all work together and support each other.

All our work is based on this overriding goal. Further objectives of our organisation are:

We achieve this through our projects, our AZAV-certified coaching and training programmes, as well as various events and offers that we organise on a regular basis. Within the framework of our programmes, we often work together with other actors to create a diverse offer. We want to train people and actively support them in finding a job.

We explicitly address people of all religions and nationalities, genders and ages, and regardless of their social and cultural background. Our services are therefore open to everyone who needs help, wants to continue their education and make contacts, is looking for exchange or simply wants to help and has ideas. When people with different histories, characteristics and characters come together and work on something, a cohesion is created in which everyone can be heard and everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

Consequently, we plan all our work as a team. We are therefore characterised by particularly flat hierarchies. In addition, we always include non-employees in the planning, because we believe that people know what they need themselves. They just need help in implementing it. We do not plan for people, but with them, and thus always follow the principle of subsidiarity. This means that we enable people to realise their wishes and ideas with the greatest possible personal responsibility and, above all, we are there to support them. We also offer our staff this freedom for their work. Because everyone can get involved, i.e. express ideas and implement projects, we can help specifically where help is needed and thus set up great projects together, in which everyone finds a place with their competences. Thanks to this open way of working, we are very flexible in the type of projects and events we organise and are thus constantly developing. Of course, this also applies to what we offer in the area of professional development.

Just as our offers are open to all people, we also select our staff members free of prejudices, stereotypes and irrespective of gender. This makes our team just as diverse and multifaceted as our work. Low hierarchies within the company enable us to communicate quickly and make decisions at eye level. This also results in an independent and flexible way of working for all employees, so that everyone can optimally contribute their expertise to the company.

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