Für mich, uns und alle – The continuation

After our pilot project in Leipzig-Grünau has shown how much need and also potential lies hidden in the local Muslim community, the project will enter the second round in 2020. Supported by the Heidehof Stiftung, the projects of the first round will be continued and the area of impact will be extended by a new edition in Leipzig-Paunsdorf and Leipzig-Schönefeld. The basic concept remains the same: By giving Muslim women the opportunity to transform their own ideas into concrete projects based on local needs, they are to help shape and empower their social environment. To this end, the participants come together for several weekend workshops in which they are given the necessary information in a practical way. As soon as the needs have been determined and the participants have been divided into small project-specific groups, the practical implementation of the ideas conceived begins. Based on our experience from the first round, we know that everything from book clubs to childcare and alternative art projects can be included. We will maintain this open, low-threshold approach and, together with the women, demonstrate the many ways in which the cultural and social diversity of our environment can be shown and shaped. 

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