„Pass on the good“ – Sharing clothing donations

One of the projects in Dresden that emerged from the project For Me, Us and All is „Pass on Good“ by Holsoda.

Its main aim is to collect used baby and children’s clothes and to distribute them free of charge, thus giving them a „second life“. The clothing donations were mainly distributed to large families with and without migration background, families with low income and to foreign students with children. The clothes were mainly collected in Dresden Altstadt, but sometimes also in the entire city area. Holsoda washed and ironed the clothes and then packed the items sorted by age, size and gender.

The special thing about this project is that it is based on three principles: reduce, recycle, reuse. Not throwing clothes away but reusing them helps to save resources and to use them more economically. This is important because, according to a study, even today immense amounts of toxic waste water produced during the manufacture of clothing are still discharged unfiltered into rivers and ultimately into the sea. Around 40% of surface water is polluted in this way, making it impossible for many people to access clean drinking water. So if we stop throwing away textiles and start to reuse them by collecting, sorting and passing them on, we will be able to turn supposed waste into a resource. In this way we can not only protect the environment, but also contribute to a supportive society.

The clothing donations were collected by Holsoda’s private network. She knows many Afghan and Syrian families who wanted to return their used children’s clothes. The clothing donations were also collected by families who became aware of the project or through gift advertisements on Ebay-Kleinanzeigen.

We asked Holsoda what her motivation was to realise this project:

„Unfortunately not all families have the necessary things for their children or are able to buy everything new. This was the same with me when I came to Germany with my children. It was very difficult, but thanks to some organisations and friendly people, I got many things for my children. Now the time has come for me to help other people and pass on good things to them. I want to help women who don’t speak German and don’t know where they can get help. Everyone can help today. It is enough to simply collect children’s things that are no longer used. I distribute them to people who need help and support. And if people want to help, it is also enough to simply contact me. I would be very happy if my project would continue to be supported“.

We are also very happy that Holsoda’s project has got off to such a good start and hope that she can continue it. To this end, contact has already been made with other voluntary initiatives that are also active in the field of clothing donations and could link „Pass on Good“. But until then, Sinat continues to collect independently with her network and takes care of the distribution of the donations. We say thank you very much for this great project and the energy and time she has put into it.

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