What to consider regarding an exhibition

Vielfältig schön quickly draws closer to its climax. The results of this project, the portraits of women from Leipzig, are to be exhibited in mid-November in the rooms of the Volkshochschule in Leipzig. Of course, everyone is already busy with the preparations. The opening of the exhibition is going to be a ceremonious inauguration. This event, as well as the whole project, has been enabled by the Robert Bosch Foundation, which supports Vielfältig schön within the framework of the programme “Werkstatt Vielfalt”.

Actually, the exhibition has been prepared since the beginning of the project and throughout the workshop stage. In August and September, the participants transitioned into the work stage. Here, they chose women from Leipzig for their portraits, interviewed them and took photographs of them. Afterwards, several meetings took place to collect the resulting material, to choose the best contents and to edit them. Interviews were transliterated, cuttings of photographs were discussed and experiences and learnings were shared with each other. Also, further queries were clarified with the lecturers.

The preparations for the exhibitions started parallelly. The participants, together with the project lead, worked on a general knowledge and understanding regarding exhibitions and their inaugurations and decided what to consider in their context. Furthermore, first thoughts about the programme of the inauguration were made that will be specified and filled with lively content throughout the following meetings.

Everyone simmers with excitement for the upcoming inauguration and is looking forward to contributing something to a diverse and respectful togetherness of different people in Leipzig by presenting their work result.

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